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Life to the Fullest

Many times in life (and sometimes within the span of a DAY), we are gifted with the advice to “live life to the fullest”. And for many this sounds like a cliche, or an undertaking too grand. I disagree.

I am of the firm belief that if we love ourselves-mind body AND spirit, we then develop the ability to do this very thing. Much of our days we are on autopilot. Wake up, rush to work, drink coffee, push through our day, repeat. We believe we are conscious, but we do not stop and awaken into mindfulness. What do I mean by that? Really FEEL the moment, however inconsequential.

Waking up? Take a moment to feel your breath, stretch your muscles, reflect on the kind of person you want to be that day.

Drinking that coffee? Really TASTE it, feel the warmth, and the gratitude for such a comfort first thing in the morning.

Rushing to work? Notice the neighborhoods you drive through, meditate, listen to your favorite music.

Basically, the more we are able to stop and be aware of the moment (whatever it is), the more we are able to live life to the fullest. For me, mindfulness is key, but also loving myself in every way possible is key to living this life to the fullest.

Listen to your body. If you are too tired to do that workout, rest and relax. If you are antsy to get out and be social, but have to wake up early? Go out and enjoy your friends…sometimes happiness is more important to the soul than sleep.

Fuel your body. I talk to a lot of people who do not value the importance of WHOLE foods being the only way to go. When you feed your body REAL, from nature , organic and SIMPLE ingredients it runs better, looks better and FEELS better. There is absolutely NO way around this. Plus, you deserve it!

Have at least ONE meaningful interaction a day. The world is FULL of people. Even if you live alone, or dont have a huge social circle, it is still possible to be touched by the presence of others. Even if its just a kind smile and hello when your getting your coffee, it really does do wonders for the soul.

Turn off. We are ALL guilty of being glued to our phones. And sometimes snapping pictures and posting things is part of our social interactions which is beautiful. BUT, put the phones aside for a moment. Look in your friends’ eyes, observe the settings your in, pick up a BOOK. Humans weren’t meant to sit in front of a screen all day-however little.

Say YES. Too often, we are quick to turn down invites, or shut down exciting plans, trips or adventures. Practice saying yes once a week. Forget the logistics and limitations. Just surrender. Everything else is just detail.

Living life to the fullest doesn’t have to mean scaling mountains and filling every second with excitement. Sometimes, it is simply remembering to be present in the moment and making sure loving oneself is an everyday priority. Not an option. How are YOU going to live your BEST life today???

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