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Natural Sun Protection!

Avoiding excess sun exposure once the summer months come creeping in is a no brainer.

However, there have now been many studies bringing into question the safety of HIGHER level SPF lotions. To most, higher SPF means safer skin, and less chance of burning on those hot days. So, reaching for SPF 100 seems ideal, right? Well....

1. In reality, anything claiming to be over SPF 40/50 , really does NOT provide more protection. There is literally & scientifically no SPF 100. So, dont bother with those higher SPFs, because theres no proven benefit. (in fact, a well known company had its "SPF100" products tested-and the results of ACTUAL protection ranged from 37 to 70%)

2. Higher SPF (50+) sunscreens require higher levels and concentrations of chemicals to make.

3. It has been shown that those using high SPF sunscreens tend to re-apply less, and in turn end up exposing themselves more extensively to harmful rays.

So what can be done?

Well, a few years ago, I made the decision to solely begin using all natural only sunscreens, to eliminate a lot of the chemicals I was applying to my skin in the summer. A few of my favorite brands for natural, healthier sunscreens are -Badger, Jason & True. All can be found in health food stores such as Whole Foods.

I also delved even deeper into natural sun protection and found some great things. I refer you to one of my favorite Paleo resources for some AMAZING natural ways to protect against but also embrace the sun.....

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