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5 Ways to Good Vibes NOW

Not having the BEST DAY EVER? You should deserve it. Here are FIVE tried and true ways to get those GOOD VIBES GOING TODAY....

1) Go sprint for 5.

-Yes, you may feel silly. But whether its a running lap around the house, or a burst down the driveway and back....a quick sprint gets those endorphins going and puts a quick pep in your step.

2) Think of your FAVORITE place.

-It can be a special beach, a place you've visited, a great restaurant or even your own bed. Close your eyes for 5 and imagine the feeling of being in that place. See how you feel after.

3) Call someone you love.

-Most of us reach out via email or text these days...its proven that calling or seeing someone you enjoy for even a few minutes lifts spirits enornously.

4) Make tea.

-A seemingly strange one...but the act of boiling brewing and enjoying a warm cup of tea is a soothing comfort most people overlook.

5) Pamper.

-No, not a full spa day (well if youre able YES)....but the little things. Does a bubble bath at the end of your day sound good? Schedule one. Is a glass of wine or some dark chocolate more your go to? Allow yourself to enjoy. Do ONE thing today that makes you feel pampered-big or small.

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