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All About Cinnabronze!

I've been a makeup addict for most of my adult life now and one product has consistently filled up my makeup bag...BRONZER.

From a young age growing up in the chilly North east USA, being "bronzey" was always a goal. Over the years, I had amassed countless bronzers to help with this aesthetic. However, when my lifestyle changed for a more holistic approach, I began questioning just WHAT I was putting on my face. The realization I reached was no matter what "natural brand" I tried, I never found a bronzer that fit the bill. So while sitting in my LA apartment one sunny day I decided...I'm going to just make my OWN bronzer. That day Soul Rebel Beauty & "Cinnabronze" were born.

In my research I found a way to mix and process ALL NATURAL ingredients (ones who can actually identify) to create a beautful, skin healthy bronzer. And boy, was I excited. I began telling all my friends about my delicious smelling and wonderfully working new creation. From that one tiny idea, I created a fresh new cosmetics line, which is growing everyday. Moral of the story? If you see a need in a market...try and create something to fill that void! Something you feel passionate about will always yield successful results. Your ideas are worth more than you know.

And if your still looking for a natural healthy glow this spring, head to my products section & order one of your very own Cinnabronze bronzers!

Sun's up <3


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