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Honest? Or Not so Honest....

Recently, there have been murmurings and even shouts about the Honest company (as just ONE of) the organic companies under fire for NOT so organic practices/ingredients in their products. So for me, it furthers my thoughts on whats REALLY going on in our "natural" products???....

For me, when I created Soul Rebel Beauty, it was in hopes to create something that was 110% natural organic FROM THE EARTH. Products that people could trust. That's still my goal today, as my brand continues to grow, and I watch many other organic brands sprout up all over the place. So what is YOUR take? I believe that a company, big or small, should be able rot faithfully stand by their ingredients and public claims. I believe that there needs to be a complete disclosure and honesty policy in the world of beauty health and food products. There is no room for a few hidden ingredients or slip ups....these are things were taking into our bodies after all. And as someone who puts much energy and time into ensuring my products are the highest and cleanest quality, I am frankly disappointed that other organic companies would be doing anything but.

So....big deal or not? Should we be enforcing stricter regulations on these companies? or are the FDA and like organizations simply JUST as unreliable?

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