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Avocado time!

They're not EVERYONE'S favorite, but avocados are always a MUST in my grocery's a bit excessive, but I love it. Recently, you see everyone making and posting about delights like "avocado toast" and doing avocado face whats the deal? And why the hype? Well, heres a few of my favorite reasons to LOVE this healthy little green wonder....

1. GREAT FOR SKIN- moisturizing, gets rid of under eyes bags and actually doubles as a natural sunscreen!

2. AVOCADOS have TWICE the potassium of bananas!

3. FULL of GOOD FATS- Which is actually great more body health and skin...and NO wont make you fat.

4. HELPS FRESHEN BREATH- Yes! Avocados help stave off that yucky mid afternoon or morning breath by removing the microbes in your body that cause it

5. GREAT FOR YOUR EYES- the carotenoid lutein in avocados helps prevent degenerative disease in your eyes as you age!

So eat up and enjoy this miracle of nature :)

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