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Coconut Oil for Everyday

Coconut oil is what I call one of my "magic ingredients". Through my experience & growth in all things healthy living it is one thing that continues to come up. The first time I ever tried incorporating it into my life, I had just started Paleo and needed a substitute for butter or vegetable oil in my cooking pan. It worked amazingly, and with little change to taste in food. Plus, it's benefits are through the I was hooked. People are often shocked and also excited when I mentioned the various benefits and uses of coconut oil. Here are just a few to peak your interest and open some new possibilities....

*Makeup remover (a little coconut oil melted or solid on your skin will remove gently even the most subborn waterproof makeup!)


*Aides in curing MANY skin issues

*Helps digestion

*Whitens teeth

*Cooking oil substitute

*Hair mask (used in India for centuries!!!)

These are just a FEW of the everyday uses in a small container of coconut oil. Check some out today! Found anywhere from your local grocery to your local healthfood store.

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