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Done with Dairy? Try THIS :)

About 5 years ago, when I decided to go Paleo, one of the guidelines of the lifestyle was cutting out dairy. Now, even though I knew dairy not only personally upset my stomach and was not aiding in my weight loss goals (hello pint of Ben & Jerrys a WEEK....maybe TWO!), giving up dairy was one of my biggest challenges. No more cheese grazing and milk in the morning with my cereal? Well, let's just say it took me awhile to get used to the idea.

During my first year of Paleo, I toyed with different dairy subsitututes. I developed a love for coconut cream in my tea and almond milk icecream. But I just couldnt find a great substitute for dairy when it came to old favorites like cheesy mashed potatoes and omelettes with cheese. I knew that chemical filled cheese "substitutes" wouldn't work. One day, the suggestion of nutritional yeast was brought to my attention. At first, I was unsure how anything with the word yeast involved could be healthy. So I did more research and gave it a whirl. I used it as an addititive in my sauces that needed that "cheesy" flavor, and I tried it as a way of bringing life back to cheesy potato recipes. And guess what? This stuff WORKS! So whether your lifestyle is paleo, vegan, or anything dairy-free I highly suggest adding the super ingredient to your recipes! And here's the BRILLIANT part....the benefits of nutritional yeast are as follows:

*Amazing source of B-12 (GREAT for healthy brain function)...esp. great for plant based diets (where b-12 is usually found in animal sources)

*Gluten Free

*Great source of fiber

*Big source of protein

*Low in sodium

So head to your nearest healthy grocery store and pick some up! I promise it'll be your new best friend in the kitchen.

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